5 Key Points to Understand Before Opting for Breast Augmentation Surgery

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By Alton Ingram, MD

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The following instructions are essential to a safe experience and good outcome for your breast augmentation procedure. There may be time between your consultation and your surgical date. During this time these are several important considerations.

Are you contemplating breast augmentation surgery? Have you been incessantly
exploring the web, reading through blogs like this one, and specifically looking into
Nashville’s finest plastic surgeons? You’re not alone. Numerous women grapple with the same questions and concerns when it comes to making this life-altering choice. Although your proactive research is essential, some crucial factors about breast augmentation need your attention before surgery.

At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville, Tennessee, our team are experts in delivering breast augmentation procedures. Our state-of-the-art surgical center has successfully aided countless women in achieving their aesthetic goals. We present a helpful checklist of the five crucial things you should know before getting breast implants, to better equip you for this transformative journey.

Prioritize Recovery Time and Preparation

While conducting due diligence is crucial before surgery, remember that you’ll also need time for post-surgery recuperation. Breast augmentation is significant surgery; hence, preparing your recovery environment is a necessity before you return home. Make sure you have your pain medications, engaging books or movies, and child care help if needed. Also, ensure you have arranged for ample time off from work, your fitness routine, and daily chores. Overexertion can invite complications and lengthen your recovery period. So, don’t forget to relax and ensure you have everything you need for a smooth recovery period.

Trust in Your Preoperative Decisions

The most crucial step in the breast augmentation journey is selecting an experienced cosmetic surgeon whom you trust, like Nashville’s own Dr. Alton Ingram, renowned for his expertise and reputation. Your surgeon is not just integral to the surgery but also guides you in making informed pre-surgery decisions. Trust their expertise as they assess your body type, breast tissue, and understand your aesthetic goals, helping to determine the optimal outcome for your surgery.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Frequently asked questions from patients about breast augmentation typically revolve around implant size, shape, and type. But remember, each woman is unique, and the appearance of breast implants will differ on every individual. Factors like body type, chest width, and implant type greatly influence each augmentation. During your consultation, don’t hesitate to try on different implant sizes and types and work closely with Dr. Alton Ingram to ensure the best outcome.

Navigating the Post-Surgery Emotional Journey

While researching breast augmentation, you may have come across articles about the emotional adjustment after surgery. There might be moments when you second-guess your decision or are dissatisfied with the size of the implants. However, such post-surgery concerns are temporary. With time, your new breasts will feel like a part of you, and you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t opt for the surgery sooner!

Patience is Essential

Patience is crucial when it comes to any surgery, especially cosmetic surgery. Your body will undergo changes on a weekly basis as it heals, and it may take up to six months post-surgery to see your final result. Therefore, be patient and allow your body to heal fully, and let your implants settle in to appreciate your new look even more.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon and setting accurate post-surgery expectations are pivotal to a rewarding breast augmentation journey. Enhance your self-esteem with the boobs you’ve always desired, while preparing adequately for your surgery. We invite you to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Alton Ingram at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville, Tennessee, today. Our expert surgical team, comprehensive medical knowledge, and professionally trained staff can help you attain the aesthetic look you’ve always dreamed of. Visit us at www.ingramcosmeticurgery.com to start your journey.

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