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By Alton Ingram, MD

Breast Implants in Nashville TN
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Breast augmentation is a widely used cosmetic technique that can help you realize the figure and curves you desire. It’s an excellent way to enhance, restore, or reshape the size and shape of breasts. With breast augmentation surgery from Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville TN, Dr. Alton Ingram will provide you with personalized care throughout your entire journey – from preparation for surgery through recovery after surgery so that you get optimal results with minimal downtime. Discover more info about breast augmentation, including how to ready for it securely and productively, what results you can look forward to after the procedure as well as upkeep tips post-surgery.

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of implants to enhance and reshape the breasts. Each year, more than 300,000 American women opt for this type of surgical enhancement to their busts. Breast augmentation can be used to increase breast size or restore volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss. It can also improve symmetry between breasts and create a more balanced look overall.

Breast augmentation surgery can provide many advantages, including improved self-esteem, better body balance, augmented cleavage and contours, clothing that fits more comfortably or looks more attractive in swimwear or lingerie, plus a heightened sense of femininity. In addition to these aesthetic benefits, breast augmentation can also help correct asymmetries between breasts for a more natural look.

The two main types of implants used for breast augmentation are saline (salt water) and silicone gel filled implants. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water while silicone gel filled implants consist of a cohesive gel material that closely resembles human fat tissue. Each type has its own advantages depending on individual patient needs such as desired shape, size, feel, and texture; therefore it is important to discuss your options thoroughly with your surgeon prior to making any decisions about which implant type is right for you.

Breast enlargement is a safe and efficient operation that can assist you in attaining the look you desire. With proper preparation, your experience with breast augmentation surgery will be successful; let’s explore what to expect during the procedure.

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Preparing for Your Surgery

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it is essential to ensure that you are fully prepared by following preoperative instructions and tests, as well as selecting a qualified surgeon. Preoperative instructions and tests should be followed in order to ensure your safety during and after the operation. Selecting a surgeon who is knowledgeable and experienced in performing breast augmentations will provide peace of mind that the results achieved will be satisfactory. Lastly, understanding what to expect during the procedure will help you feel more comfortable when going into surgery.

Preoperative Instructions and Tests:

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, patients must complete preoperative instructions which may include taking certain medications or vitamins as well as fasting before their appointment time. Prior to their appointment, patients may need to have lab work done in order for the doctor to assess whether they are fit enough for the surgery. To ensure that your doctor can properly evaluate you before any surgery, it is imperative to adhere strictly to the preoperative instructions given.

Choosing the Right Surgeon For You:

When choosing a surgeon for your breast augmentation, it’s important that you select one with extensive experience and knowledge in this field of cosmetic surgery. Be sure that he or she has performed many successful procedures before yours and ask them about their qualifications as well as how many years they have been practicing plastic surgery specifically related to breast augmentations. A qualified surgeon will be able discuss all aspects of this particular operation including its risks and benefits with you thoroughly before proceeding with any type of treatment plan or agreement between yourself and them.

Taking steps to ready yourself for the surgery is essential in order to have a positive result. Having taken the necessary steps to prepare for your surgery, it is equally important to focus on a successful recovery post-operation.

Recovery After Surgery

Postoperative Care and Instructions:

After breast augmentation surgery, it is important to follow Dr. Ingram’s postoperative instructions carefully. It is imperative to adhere to the aftercare guidance of your surgeon, which may involve consuming medications as advised, wearing a supportive undergarment or wrap for some weeks post-surgery, evading strenous activities and heavy lifting during this period, and revisiting your doctor for follow-up visits. To ensure optimal healing, it is essential to maintain cleanliness and dryness around the incisions.

Pain Management During Recovery:

Pain management during recovery from breast augmentation surgery can vary depending on the patient’s individual experience. Most patients typically experience some degree of pain or discomfort post-procedure, which can be managed with over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, while stronger medication may also be prescribed if needed. Additionally, ice packs can help reduce swelling around the surgical area while cold compresses can provide relief from soreness associated with movement of the arms or chest muscles near where incisions were made.

Results and Maintenance After Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe and successful process that can yield enduring results. After the initial healing period, patients should be able to enjoy their new look for many years. The kind of implant used can influence the duration of outcomes, with saline implants typically enduring for around a decade and silicone ones lasting up to two decades or more. Over time, however, the breasts may change due to age, gravity, weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

Maintaining Your Results Over Time:

To ensure your breast augmentation results last as long as possible it’s important to follow all postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon. This includes avoiding strenuous activities during recovery and wearing a supportive bra while sleeping. To ensure your results remain optimal, you should follow a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. It’s also important to have regular checkups with your doctor so any changes in size or shape can be addressed quickly if necessary.

It is recommended to make regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon after breast augmentation surgery, as these visits allow for monitoring of any changes in size or shape and provide an opportunity to address scarring, discomfort or further treatments. During these visits, you should discuss any concerns about scarring or discomfort as well as ask questions about other treatments such as laser therapy which may help improve skin texture around the incision site if desired by the patient. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for patients who want additional procedures such as fat transfer or liposuction performed in conjunction with their original breast augmentation surgery since they are already visiting their surgeon regularly anyway.

Breast augmentation is a secure and reliable technique for boosting the looks of your chest. To ensure the best possible outcome, be sure to properly prepare for and manage your recovery following breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering this procedure it is important to consult an experienced professional such as Alton Ingram MD at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville TN for more information on how breast augmentation can help improve your confidence and self-image.

Transform your body and self-image with the expertise of Dr. Alton Ingram MD at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville TN. Discover how breast augmentation can help you achieve a more youthful, confident look!

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