Give Your Butt a Boost With the Brazilian Butt Lift

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Give Your Butt a Boost With the Brazilian Butt Lift
Looking to give your butt a boost? Consider the Brazilian butt lift. It’s a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring fat to your bum to give it a larger, fuller look. Learn more about whether the procedure is for you.

Modern-day science has made many cosmetic procedures possible. One of those procedures is the Brazilian butt lift. More commonly known as a BBL. As the name implies, this procedure gives you a larger, fuller, and rounder butt. This is done by transferring fat from other areas in your body to your backside. 

The Brazilian butt lift is not without risks, which makes getting the surgery done with a licensed and experienced cosmetic surgeon crucial. You get that at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee. 

Dr. Alton Ingram is a top-rated board certified cosmetic surgeon with a wealth of experience carrying out cosmetic procedures like the Brazilian butt lift. He actually trained in Brazil with Ivo Pitanguy, the surgeon who invented the procedure, and has been performing BBL surgery since 1997. Dr. Ingram has lectured to national and international meetings about BBL safety, anatomy, and surgical techniques.

Learn more about the procedure and things to consider if you are thinking of getting it done. 

What to expect when you get a Brazilian butt lift 

During a Brazilian butt lift procedure, excess fat from your stomach, back, thighs, and other areas is removed. Some of this fat is then skillfully injected into specific points in your butt to give you your desired size and shape. 

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is a personal decision—people who decide to have a BBL typically desire a more shapely and aesthetically pleasing backside. The procedure also allows you to slim down by removing fat in other areas of your body like your tummy, waist, and lower back. 

The ideal BBL candidate must be in excellent physical and emotional health. It’s also crucial to have enough fat in other areas of your body that can be transferred to your butt. The results of a BBL can last for many years. 

What to expect after you get a Brazilian butt lift 

The procedure for the Brazilian butt lift requires a substantial amount of recovery time. What you do during this time will determine a great deal of your outcome from the surgery. Most importantly, you will not be able to sit directly on your buttocks for the first four weeks after your procedure. Otherwise, you may cut off the blood flow to some of the transplanted fat, which can leave indentations or irregularities in your result. After this initial phase is over, you can start back with most exercise regimens, and you’ll be able to sit using a specialized pillow shaped like a donut, which you’ll place on seats before sitting down, in order to spread out the pressure and prevent any damage to the newly transplanted fat cells. 

You should be able to go back to full exercise and to sit with no fuss eight weeks after your surgery. Three to four months after your surgery, you can expect to be fully healed. Any swelling or soreness you experienced during the healing procedure will subside, leaving you with the final form of your fuller, curvier butt. 

Pros and Cons of a Brazilian butt lift 

A BBL is a safer and more ideal option for people looking to enhance their backsides than other procedures, such as getting silicone implants. The results are natural-looking and have a long-lasting effect. 

Like with most surgeries, getting a BBL has risks. Bruising, injury, and infection can occur during surgery. In rare cases, a fat embolism could occur. This can be avoided by going with a skilled and experienced surgeon. Preventing fat embolism is one of the specific safety measures that Dr. Ingram has lectured about, and your safety is Dr. Ingram’s number one priority.

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