Haute Beauty- The Profound Bond Between Medical Experts And Patients’ Mental Well-Being

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Building Self Esteem
Dr. Ingram responds to Haute Beauty’s question about how cosmetic surgery can affect a patient’s mental well being.

In the realm of medicine, several specialties hold the transformative potential to impact an individual’s mental well-being positively. As Mental Health Awareness Month took center stage in May, it provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on the profound shifts observed in patient’s mental health following the services of our experts. Whether it be a plastic surgeon, dentist, or aesthetic injector, these professionals have witnessed these transformations firsthand, offering insights into the intricate relationship between physical appearance and mental health.

Dr. Alton Ingram’s response

That’s such a great question because enhancing our patients’ mental well-being is what cosmetic surgery is all about.  Rather than imposing our own preferences, our focus lies in understanding each individual patient’s desires and working towards achieving their specific aesthetic goals.

Every cosmetic surgeon has encountered hundreds of patients who have shed tears of joy when their bandages are removed. It is an emotional response to realizing they have taken control of their lives that they long desired to change.

Just this Monday, I had a patient who started crying after her mommy makeover last week. She told me that she has never let her husband see her with her shirt off since their first child, 23 years ago. Seeing patients get this sort of psychological boost is what I love most about my field. People want to be proud of how they look and to feel comfortable in their bodies, and cosmetic surgery has the power to change thousands of patients’ lives each year.

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