Help! I Lost Weight and Now My Breasts are Sagging

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Help! I Lost Weight and Now My Breasts are Sagging
For some women, it’s typical for their breasts to sag after losing a significant amount of weight. The good news is that a breast lift can help you fix this issue. Learn more about it here.

If you’ve hit your weight loss goals, congratulations! It isn’t an easy feat to set and smash a weight loss goal. Like some women, though, you might face a new challenge: sagging breasts. 

It may feel like you’re the only person experiencing this, but know that you are not alone. It’s not uncommon for your breasts to sag a little after losing a significant amount of weight. 

Now that you’ve done the hard work of losing weight, let’s lift your sag with a Breast Lift. Getting a breast Lift can help you achieve perky breasts that sit just the way you want.

At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, Dr. Alton Ingram, a board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, can skillfully carry out your Breast Lift.

Learn more about what a breast Lift entails and if the procedure is right for you.

What happens during a breast lift?

During a breast Lift, we will lift and tighten the tissues of your chest and breast to improve its appearance and make it more symmetrical. We will also reshape it to correct any imperfections.

If you have any extra loose skin around your chest as a result of your weight loss, we will take it out. If you want one, we can also combine a breast Lift procedure with breast reduction to reduce the size of your breasts or breast augmentation to increase its size.

What to expect from the procedure

Your breast Lift journey begins with a consultation with us. During this consultation, we’ll discuss what you hope to achieve from your breast Lift. We’ll also ask you to share your medical and family history to ensure you are a good fit for the surgery. 

During the breast Lift surgery, our team will put you under anesthesia and make small incisions around your breasts. We will then lift and shape your breast to create the right look for you, cutting off any excess skin in the process.  

A typical procedure can last roughly anywhere from an hour to two hours. 

What happens after a breast lift procedure?

After your surgery, it’s crucial to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activities that could cause complications. You’ll also be required to sleep on your back for a few weeks as you heal. 

We may attach drainage tubes to your breasts to remove any excess fluid and blood for a few days. During your follow-up appointment, we’ll take out the drainage tubes. 

You can expect to feel some swelling, tightness, and discomfort, but that’ll go away in a couple of weeks as you heal.

It’s crucial for your breast Lift to be carried out by an experienced and proficient cosmetic surgeon for optimal results, so book an appointment with us at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery. You can contact us at 615-431-3710 to request an appointment.

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