What to Expect with Your Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery Team

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Ingram Cosmetic Surgery Surgical Team in Nashville TN
Many people are involved in the process of preparing for and performing an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure. It’s important to understand what each person does so that you can make informed decisions about which provider is best suited for you!

Cosmetic surgery is about more than just the surgeon. The surgeon is the primary provider and the one who will be performing your procedure, but a team of other highly trained professionals are also involved in making sure your surgery runs as smoothly as possible. This team typically includes a circulating nurse, an anesthesia provider, and a surgical tech. In this blog post, we will discuss the roles of each member of the outpatient cosmetic surgery team and what they do during your procedure. 

The Surgeon: The surgeon’s role is obvious—this is the person who performs the actual procedure. The surgeon will assess you before the procedure, explain to you what to expect during and after surgery, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. During your cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon will make all of the necessary incisions and perform any other duties that are required for your specific operation. 

The Circulating Nurse: The circulating nurse assists in pre-operative care by ensuring that all necessary paperwork is filled out correctly and all safety protocols are followed before the patient enters into surgery. They also provide support throughout your entire experience—from pre-operative visits to post-operative follow up calls. During surgery, they make sure that everything from medical charts to operating room supplies are organized and accounted for at all times. 

The Anesthesia Provider: Anesthesia providers administer anesthesia prior to surgery as well as monitor vital signs throughout the duration of your procedure. They work with surgeons to ensure optimal patient comfort throughout their stay in surgery by managing pain levels so that patients remain comfortable yet awake enough for surgeons to perform their tasks effectively. Following surgery, anesthesiologists help monitor a patient’s recovery until they are cleared to go home or transferred back into regular care depending on their individual needs. 

The Surgical Tech: Surgical techs provide assistance with patient preparation such as scrubbing incisions sites prior to surgery and setting up instruments used during operations like scalpels or forceps among others based on individual needs of each case . They also assist surgeons in positioning patients properly so that operating areas can be accessed easily while helping minimize discomfort for patients undergoing longer procedures such as abdominoplasty or liposuction among others depending on individual cases . Additionally , they assist in cleaning up after surgeries by disposing of items used during operations such as sponges or dressings accurately thus avoiding potential cross contamination between patients.

Having a good understanding of everyone involved in your cosmetic surgery procedure is key when it comes time to make an informed decision about who will be performing it. Knowing what each professional does makes it easier for you to feel confident when choosing a cosmetic surgeon since these individuals play an important role in ensuring patient safety both before and after surgeries occur. It’s important to remember that these individuals play an integral part in making sure every aspect of your experience runs smoothly from start finish so choose wisely!   Although cosmetic surgeries are performed primarily by surgeons , it takes a team effort from other highly skilled professionals such as circulating nurses , anesthesia providers , and surgical techs working together behind scenes for successful outcomes. With this knowledge in mind , you can now make informed decisions about which professional best suits your needs when having outpatient cosmetic procedures done. By understanding each member’s role within this team, you can rest assured knowing you have made a wise decision when selecting those who will be assisting during your outpatient cosmetic surgeries.

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