10 Tips For Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Breast Implants by Dr. Alton Ingram in Nashville TN
Preparing for any surgery, including your breast augmentation surgery, can feel overwhelming. But by following these tips, you can feel more confident and in control of the entire process.

Breast augmentation is a big decision that can significantly enhance your physical appearance and boost your self-confidence. However, as with any surgery, it’s normal to have some fear and uncertainty about the procedure. To ease your worries, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things to do to get ready for your breast augmentation surgery.

Buy a Sports Bra That Fits YOU

Before your surgery, make sure to purchase a comfortable sports bra that zips or clasps in the front and has no underwire. It is essential to have one that opens and closes in the front, as it makes it much easier to get in and out of and you don’t want anything going over your head for the first few days after the procedure. At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery, we always have bras ready for after surgery, but we really recommend that you get a bra that fits your chest the best. Buy one that fits you perfectly and another that is the same bra but one or two cup sizes larger.

Arrange Transportation and Support

You’ll need someone to drive you to and from your surgery and to help you with some tasks after your surgery. Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you and stay with you for at least 24-48 hours after the procedure. This person can also help fetch the remote, reach for a can of soup, and run errands for you. 

Get a Button-Down Shirt or Zip-Up Hoodie/Jacket

On the day of your surgery, wear a loose-fitting button-down shirt or a zip-up hoodie/jacket. They’re easy to open, close, and get in and out of. Get a few more to wear during your recovery process.

Hydrate and Avoid Alcohol

Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your surgery, as hydration is critical and can reduce nausea after the surgery. However, stop drinking water by midnight the night before your surgery. Additionally, avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before the operation.

Stop Taking Aspirin and NSAIDs

Prior to surgery, you’ll need to stop taking aspirin and all aspirin-containing medications and products. Aspirin thins the blood and can lead to surgical complications. At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery, we recommend avoiding aspirin for at least two weeks before and after surgery. This includes ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve. If you do get a headache before your procedure you are allowed to take Tylenol.

Prepare Your Home

Clean your house before your surgery so you can recover in a clean and clear space. Wash your pillowcases, sheets, and comforters, and have extras just in case. Buy cold compresses, such as a cold pack or frozen peas, to reduce swelling and pain after surgery.

Stop Smoking If You Can

Although it’s not absolutely necessary prior to breast augmentation, quitting smoking or using nicotine products two weeks before and after surgery can enhance the healing process and decrease your risk of capsular contracture. Smoking reduces oxygen levels in the blood, which can slow down the healing process. As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alton Ingram can provide you with additional information on the subject.

Trim Your Nails, Remove Acrylic/Gel Nails and No Makeup or Nail Polish

Before your surgery, make sure to remove all makeup, jewelry, and nail polish. Take a shower on the morning of surgery, and wash your hair, since you won’t be able to shower until about 48 hours after surgery. If you wash your hair, make sure it’s dry before surgery. Remove acrylic/gel nails and trim your nails short. You will need to clean your breasts and incisions after surgery, and having long nails can harvest bacteria that can transfer onto your breasts. Nail polish can also make it difficult to get an accurate read on your oxygen levels during surgery.

Have Food and Entertainment Ready

You probably won’t be leaving your house much for the first couple of days after surgery. It’s essential to have some light, ready-made food easily available, as well as a few pre-made meals. Place them on lower shelves and cabinetry, since you won’t be able to reach over your head after surgery. Additionally, prepare some entertainment such as books, movies, or music to keep you occupied while you recover.

Stock Up on Cold Compresses

You will want to apply cold compresses to your breasts after surgery to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Stock up on cold compresses or frozen peas, and make sure they are easily accessible after the surgery.

Dress Comfortably

On the day of your surgery, wear loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable to wear. Choose a shirt that buttons down the front, as it will be easier to get in and out of. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing any jewelry or makeup on the day of the surgery, as you will need to be clean for the surgery.

Preparing for any surgery, including your breast augmentation surgery, can feel overwhelming. But by following these tips, you can feel more confident and in control of the entire process. 

At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care and personalized attention. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alton Ingram, has over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, and is dedicated to ensuring that each of his patients receives the best possible care.

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ingram today. As a leading provider of cosmetic surgery in Nashville, Tennessee, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their desired look and feel their best.

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