How Do I Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Pockets?

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By Alton Ingram, MD

Liposuction in Nashville TN
Dr. Alton Ingram explains how to prepare for your liposuction surgery at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville TN. Liposuction can be a life changing procedure! Read below to find out how to optimize your results.

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in liposuction procedures, I cannot stress enough the importance of proper preparation before undergoing this body contouring procedure. At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville Tennessee, we know that every patient is unique and requires personalized care to achieve optimal results. During the consultation, we evaluate the patient’s health status, discuss goals, and determine if liposuction is the right procedure for the patient. We also assess the areas that the patient wants to target with liposuction and discuss the benefits, risks and potential complications of the procedure.

Once the decision is made to undergo liposuction, it is essential to prepare oneself mentally and physically for the surgery. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine leading up to the procedure can help ensure optimal results and a quicker recovery. Patients may also be advised to stop smoking and avoid taking certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding. On the day of the procedure, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing that can be easily removed and bring someone who can drive the patient home after the surgery. Patients should also follow any pre-operative instructions provided by their surgeon, such as fasting or abstaining from certain activities.

After the surgery, patients need to take time off work and avoid strenuous activities for a few days to a couple weeks. They may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort, but this can be managed with pain medication and compression garments. It’s important to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions closely such as taking an antibiotic medication, wearing a compression garment and scheduling any lymphatic massages to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results. You may also choose to start taking arnica to help the bruising and swelling go away faster. 

At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery, we prioritize patient safety and satisfaction. We believe in providing our patients with comprehensive care that starts with the consultation and continues through the recovery process. We use the latest techniques and technologies to achieve the best possible results for our patients. Proper preparation is crucial to achieving optimal results from liposuction. We provide personalized care to ensure that our patients are well-informed, comfortable, and confident throughout the process.

When preparing for liposuction, it is important to have realistic expectations of the procedure. Liposuction is a surgery that can change the body’s shape, but it will not make it perfect. Liposuction can remove stubborn pockets of fat and help to give a smoother body contour. Try viewing some liposuction before and after photos to examine the expected results. Patients should also understand the recovery process and know what to do and what to avoid. It is recommended to schedule time off work or school, arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery, and plan something to keep you entertained while healing. You should also buy compression garments beforehand to wear after the procedure.

Before undergoing liposuction, patients should choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform the surgery. When an experienced cosmetic surgeon performs the surgery, patients are more likely to have better results with fewer side effects. Knowing that the surgeon is experienced can keep the patient more comfortable and calm before liposuction. Patients should also let their surgeon know about any medication they are taking, including supplements. Some medications can interfere with the surgery and lead to unwanted side effects and the surgeon may require that you stop them prior to the procedure.

In conclusion, good preparation for liposuction is essential for achieving better results that can last longer and reduce the risks of having any post-operative complications. It is important to have realistic expectations of the procedure and understand the recovery process. If you’re considering liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Alton Ingram to discuss your options and create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals today!

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